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5 Tips to Keep Your Trailer Yard Employees Safe in 2023

, 5 Tips to Keep Your Trailer Yard Employees Safe in 2023

Trailer Yard Safety Tips

Our Trailer Dolly from DJ Products is a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain safe conditions in your trailer yard. Here are five more useful tips to reduce the risk of injuries to your employees.

5 Tips for Improved Trailer Yard Safety
1. Create a pre-trip checklist

There are specific steps to make sure a trailer is ready to go out on the road. In the hustle and bustle of daily activities, don’t rely on memory when performing the safety check. Create a written list that includes steps such as:


2. Grease the bearings

When bearings aren’t sufficiently lubricated, the resulting heat can cause them to seize up. In the worst-case scenario, the wheels can fall off while driving. Take the time to clean and repack bearings once a year or every 10,000 miles.

3. Ensure that the trailer rides level

Taking measurements to determine the amount of “drop” needed for the ball mount is just part of the process. For total accuracy, hook the fully-loaded trailer up to the truck and make any necessary adjustments.

4. Test the emergency brakes

Emergency brakes are a vital fail-safe in case a trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle. Most e-brakes are triggered by a breakaway switch that’s activated when the key, attached to the truck by a cable, gets pulled out. It’s easy to test the e-brakes by doing a dry run in which you remove the key and attempt to pull the trailer forward. If the brakes are working correctly, the wheels will remain stationary.

5. Have the right tire jack on board

The best spare tire available is useless if the jack isn’t up to the job. For best results, make sure your trucks are equipped with dedicated trailer jacks.

The Trailer Dolly and Other Material Handling Solutions from DJ Products

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