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DJ Products International Partnerships and UK Launch

We are pleased to announce a couple of our new global partnerships. These relationships allow us to deliver our products to key regions in a timelier manner via our respective international dealer and distributor networks. In addition, we have launched our DJ Products...

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Video: TrailerCaddy 6K 36V Moves Trailers Up Inclines

The battery-powered TrailerCaddy 6k 36V safely and easily moves James' RV at Ace of Spades Custom RV and Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada; even up the incline into his shop! Watch the video below to find out why James calls the TraillerCaddy "the Cadillac of trailer...

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Video: RailcarCaddy Railcar Mover Customer Testimonial

The battery-powered RailcarCaddy Railcar Mover helps employees move heavy rail cars while streamlining daily operations. Benefits: Durability: Heavy-duty and powerful, the unit pushes and pulls rail cars up to 250k lbs. Safety: The RailcarCaddy includes a safety stop...

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Video: CarCaddy Car Pusher Customer Testimonial

The CarCaddy Car Pusher helps employees at LAcarGuy move vehicles in, out, and around the lot without the strain of pushing cars by hand. Benefits: Durability: Pushes vehicles up to 20k lbs. (10k lbs. on a 3% grade) Safety: Prevents injury in the workplace from...

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