Trailer Dolly – The Electric Trailer Dolly
for Moving Trailers, Boats, and RV’s

trailer dolly, Trailer Dolly – The Electric Trailer Dolly for Moving Trailers, Boats, and RV’s

Trailer Dolly – Trailer Caddy Motorized Trailer Puller

What comes to mind when you think of a trailer dolly? What tool do you need to move heavy semi-trailers or campers when a truck is not available? A simple manual tool will not work, so where do you turn for specialized trailer dolly needs?

At DJ Products, our trailer dolly is a uniquely engineered product that provides a solution for industry (small to large businesses), distribution centers, and equipment dealerships. Our trailer dolly is available in a wide number of configurations and in eight models. Depending on the model our trailer dollies can pull equipment from 1,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs.

Who would benefit from a DJ Products Trailer Dolly?
Our electric trailer dollies are the perfect solution for…
  • Distribution centers where semi-trailers need to be moved in a yard.
  • RV dealerships where large RV’s or campers need to be placed or repositioned on the showroom floor or lot.
  • Cargo trailer dealerships where stock needs to be moved and sorted on arrival.
  • Boat dealerships and storage facilities where boats and/or trailers need to relocate to storage bays or within a storage lot or building.
  • Fulfillment centers and warehouses where semi-trailers need to be moved from the dock doors to the staging area for loading and unloading.
  • Garages where mechanics need to move any wheeled equipment or trailer to a service bay for maintenance.
  • Production assembly lines where any wheeled equipment or trailer is manufactured and needs to be moved down the line or to the completed lot.

All models in the DJ Products Trailer Dolly line are compact in size, have excellent maneuverability, and include a variable speed control that moves wheeled equipment quickly and easily in crowded manufacturing and service facilities.

1. The trailer dolly’s variable speed handlebar twist grip allows an operator to start easily and pull a trailer even in wet and icy conditions and on inclines. The unit can travel at speeds of 0 to 3 miles per hour forward and backwards.

2. The trailer dolly’s automatic safety brake engages when the Trailer Dolly stops and even holds the load at a stop on an incline.

3. Our electric powered trailer dolly is engineered for long run times between charges. All trailer dolly models plug into any 120-volt outlet for a quick and convenient charge time.

4. DJ Products has eight different trailer dolly models available. We can even adapt our hitch options to any style of trailer available including ball, pintle, gooseneck, and king pin hitches.

Featured Products from Our Electric Trailer Dolly Line


TrailerCaddy Trailer Puller – A Trailer Dolly for Boats, Campers, Utility Trailers

This product can pull ball coupler-king pin trailers up to 15,000 lbs. The hydraulic lift kit lifts a tongue up to 2,500 lbs. The unit comes with a 36 Volt 3 battery system for long charge life. The charger works with 120/220 AC outlets. This trailer dolly can pull wheeled equipment on gravel, grass, snow, and ice. Watch this versatile trailer dolly in action now!

CartCaddy HD Chain Drive – A Power Trailer Dolly for Heavy Loads
trailer dolly, Trailer Dolly – The Electric Trailer Dolly for Moving Trailers, Boats, and RV’s

Power Trailer Dolly for Heavy Loads

Also known as the TrailerCaddy 6K 36 Volt or Trailer Caddy 6K Chain Drive, this trailer dolly is an ultimate product for moving heavy trailers. This trailer dolly will move tongue weights of up to 6,000 lbs. and trailers up to 50,000 lbs. No Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is needed to operate this mover in distribution centers or parking lots. This electric trailer dolly has a 36-Volt three battery powered system and uses a 120/220 AC outlet for quick recharges.

It uses a 2:1 gear reduction with chain to drive tires. Perfect for situations where a powerful trailer dolly is needed to move heavier than usual wheeled equipment. With neutral throttle braking and a high-tech speed controller, and special safety features, this trailer dolly is safe and easy to use. See this versatile and powerful trailer dolly in action now!

TrailerCaddy Powered Dolly – A Trailer Dolly for Tight Spaces and Heavy Loads

Also known as the TrailerCaddyHD or heavy-duty trailer dolly the Trailer Caddy 2.5K is a versatile and easy to use electric trailer dolly.

Easily use this product to move wheeled equipment weighing up to 15,000 lbs. It is engineered for moving king pin and covered equipment trailers and campers. The hydraulic lift kit can lift king pin, pintle, or ball trailer connections. When space is small, and maneuverability is of paramount importance this trailer dolly is the “right” product.

The power and size of this trailer dolly, combined with its affordable price makes this product the perfect tool in maintenance centers, dealerships, and military bases. Watch this versatile trailer dolly for use in moving heavy duty loads now!

Ready to Learn More?

At DJ Products, we have different trailer dolly models for moving anything and everything on wheels. Just ask to speak to one of our engineers for more information today.

Watch our video to learn more about the versatile trailer dolly line from DJ Products.