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Tire Safety Tips Every Semi Truck Driver Should Know

By September 24, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Tire Safety Tips Every Semi Truck Driver Should Know

Maintaining Your Vehicle Is of the Utmost Importance When You’re on the Road Often.

Is your semi trailer mover toting unsafe equipment? Keeping an eye on the condition of the tires on both your trailer and hauler is key to avoiding costly citations, worsened gas mileage, and potentially deadly wrecks. Put these things on every pre-inspection checklist to ensure a safe, efficient arrival at your destination…

Air Pressure Check

Inform yourself about tire air pressure specifications for your tires and load, making sure tire pressures are at the proper setting for your hauler and cargo. Use an accurate gauge, checking when tires are cold (pre-trip), ensuring adequate pressure and avoiding under-inflation. If maintaining air pressure is a problem, inform your maintenance department ASAP. Low pressure is a major cause of blowouts, fires, and other tire issues.

Check Tire Wear and Damage

Uneven tread wear is a sign of improper air pressure and potential alignment issues. Now, not later, is the time to check for and manage air leaks, axle alignment, tire repair and replacement needs.

Tread Check

Low tread depth impacts traction, reducing your hauler’s ability to brake quickly and efficiently. It can also increase the likelihood of hydroplaning on wet roads, and blowouts – especially when you run over road debris. To ensure safety and keep your hauler on the road, ensure a minimum tread depth of 4/32 on every major tread groove of your steering tires.

Mid-Trip Incidentals

When mid-trip, immediately replace missing valve caps to keep gunk out of valve stems and safeguard tire pressure. If you hit/run-over road debris, don’t keep on trucking. Always pull over and check for tire damage and foreign objects.

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