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Hospital Cart Mover


Employees in the hospital and hospitality industry can benefit by using a hospital cart puller to transport carts such as linens and cleaning carts. If your employees are currently using carts that they push manually, consider the strain they may be under and evaluate switching to a linen cart puller or pusher from DJ Products. Their motorized cart movers will not only help reduce strain and aches from repeated pulling, pushing and tugging, they may also reduce the time it takes for employees to complete their rounds.

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houskeeping cart

Hotel and Hospitality

Our hospitality cart CartCaddy motorized cart pusher product line contains our smallest and most maneuverable caddies, designed for lighter loads and areas with lots of pedestrian traffic. These applications usually have a space constraint, and the solution needs to look less industrial in nature. Our hospitality service carts and powered hospitality carts are excellent choices to reduce the strain on employees while also improving efficiency.

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TC 6K 36V-smaller image

Car, Truck, and Trailer

If your cart, car, truck, trailer or piece of equipment has all straight wheels or is on a rail, then the following trailer and car pusher and dolly products will help solve applications where no turning is required, or an operator will turn the wheels while a CarCaddy vehicle pusher pushes from behind, as in the case of pushing a bus down an assembly line.

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Industrial Carts

In most manufacturing or distribution environments, pushing and pulling are the two most required manual actions and can place extreme stress on a worker’s body, often resulting in back, groin and other musculoskeletal injuries. Our Industrial Cart Mover eliminates the physical strain of manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment.

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DJ Products Waste Caddy is an Investment in Your Employees' Health

Dumpster Mover, Waste Container And Bin Pullers

With a DJ Products dumpster mover, the work of moving a dumpster or waste container, a task that once required three or four people, can be done easily by one person with a DJ Products dumpster mover. That one person does not have to worry about strain or overexertion.   

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The Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Company is dedicated to making high quality, industrial strength, competitively priced aircraft tow tugs for the small aircraft towing and aviation industry. We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service and satisfaction both in the pre-sale and after-sale process in providing airplane tugs for the aircraft industry.

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TrailerCaddy Trailer Mover

Military and DOD

Military and DOD (GSA) processes have a very broad requirement for a material handling solutions. Military materials and equipment needing maneuvering may include: Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, Wheeled Equipment, and various materials, most of which require a trailered load. Our Military and DOD (GSA) solutions accomplish this. Here are many of the applications we have solved with our Trailer, vehicle, and Equipment moving solutions

Shopping Cart Caddy

Shopping Cart Retriever

A cart retriever system is a labor-saving device for gathering and recycling carts. The traditional method of collecting carts in a retail operation consists of hourly employees dealing with hard physical labor and risking possible injuries. These employees also must gather the carts in adverse weather conditions, such as extreme heat and cold, rain, snow, and hail.

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