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Why to Invest in a TrailerCaddy for Your Trailer Loading Operation

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The TrailerCaddy from DJ Products is just the solution for moving trailers quickly and safely. Operations at the loading dock can be inefficient and unsafe if the wrong equipment is used and loading/unloading is performed by untrained or unprepared individuals. Our electric trailer mover allows your loading dock to be self-sufficient. It is always available to move semi-trailers in and out of the area.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider investing in a TrailerCaddy:

  • Power movers are available on-demand: There’s no need to wait for a trailer shunting service or a CDL-licensed driver and handler. Your crew can spring to action as soon as a shipment arrives. Whenever trailers need to be moved or orders fulfilled, TrailerCaddy is ready. You save on wasted time and costs of outside services.


  • Accessibility is improved: A high-end trailer dolly can move trailers that weigh up to 100,000 pounds. Entry models can move 10,000 pounds while 20,000- and 50,000-pound-rated units are also available. Each power dolly has a tight turn radius, making it highly maneuverable. Operators can navigate narrow aisles and avoid hitting equipment, goods, and walls.


  • Costs are reduced: Traditional terminal tractors and spotter trucks are expensive, as is hiring an outside contractor to manage their delivery and operation. Our trailer movers are a quarter the cost of such equipment, saving your warehouse operation money.


  • TrailerCaddy is run on batteries: No expensive fuel is needed, and there’s no downtime due to empty fuel tanks and refueling. These battery-powered machines have long run times, so they don’t need to be charged often. Plus, they plug in a standard 110v outlet, kept on standby and implemented whenever needed.


  • Safety is improved: The power caddies have speed control for safer navigation. Operators also face forward, making navigation easier and enabling them to communicate with their crew members. A trailer dolly is also more stable than a conventional forklift, and it does not require special training or licensing to operate.


  • Fewer hazards to workers: Injuries are less likely while operating a TrailerCaddy, while the possibility of accidents is lower. This reduces the expenses related to time out of work and potential injury lawsuits. Workers in confined areas are less at risk while using the caddy; this equipment also requires less maintenance, further limiting the risk.


Find Power Dolly Solutions from DJ Products

Warehouse managers and warehouse logistics professionals can now run their facilities and trailer lots more efficiently, thanks to the many benefits of battery operated, easy-to-operate trailer dollies.


Each caddy has a built-in battery system, hydraulics, and caddy brackets. A selection of models is available, ranging from a motorized trailer puller for moving small boats and campers to more heavy-duty models able to move heavy generators, highway equipment, semi-trailers, and more. To learn more about our products—including the TrailerCaddy—and Terminal Tractor or to discuss the best electric trailer dolly for your business, call us at 800-686-2651, submit a request for more information online, or schedule a free onsite demo today.

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