Global Partners

Global Partners
USA Headquarters DJ Products, Inc. [email protected] 1-800-686-2651
France Phillippe Bougard DJ Products France

[email protected]

China Changbo Mei TXHT Auto [email protected]
South America – Brazil Fornecedora Industrial [email protected]
Ireland & United Kingdom Aidan Shanahan BrightGreen Recycling [email protected]
The Netherlands & Belgium Tony Smit Mantec Handling Systems BV [email protected]
Australia Merit Manufacturing [email protected]
Mexico DJ Products Mexico Robert Calderon & Diego González [email protected] [email protected]
South Africa & Namibia All Terrain Services & Equipment Piet Uys [email protected]
United Arab Emirates & Kuwait Dynamic Holding Jamal Shaheen [email protected]

DJ Products proudly manufactures our products in the United States shipping by sea, air, and road to international customers. Our multinational partnerships allow for swifter delivery in select territories, along with the service and support expected as a global brand. We continue to look for integral dealer and distributor relationships across the world in support of our products and application opportunities.