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Powered Dolly Material Handling Solutions for Hotels

Powered Dolly, Powered Dolly Material Handling Solutions for Hotels

Powered Cats For Hotels

No traveler wants to be told their room isn’t ready for check-in yet. When you’re working on tight deadlines and everything has to be perfect, our powered dolly and other material handling solutions for hotels let your staff turn rooms around quickly and effectively.

Hospitality Material Handling Solutions from DJ Products

We have a variety of tugs, movers and pushers to fit any hospitality applications. Which ones are right for you?

Powered Dolly

Make sure no one is spending valuable time manually transporting materials from room to room. Our powered dolly allow a single worker to move up to 1,500 pounds safely and simply. Different bed and shelf sizes are available.


Hotels receive a steady stream of deliveries, from furniture for the rooms to food and equipment for the restaurant. The WagonCaddy hauls loads of up to 3,000 pounds, easily accommodating sofas or cases of steaks.

Powered Linen Cart

Piles of dirty linen are heavy, bulky and difficult to carry. Use our powered linen cart to move as much as 700 pounds of linen back to the laundry. The kit can be installed on new or existing carts, either at our factory or onsite.

Linen Wire Cart

Once the soiled linens are removed, the clean ones have to be brought in and they’re not easy to carry either. Clean linens stay neat and tidy on our linen wire cart.


Our compact and efficient CartCaddyLite adapts to multiple hospitality needs. This handy puller handles loads up to 1,000 pounds, yet its size allows smooth maneuverability around tight corners and through narrow passages.


For greater needs, the WagonCaddy provides all the benefits of the CartCaddyLite with a maximum load size of 3,000 pounds.

  • All of our material handling products operate under battery power so they’re eco-friendly and less expensive to operate.
  • In addition, all products are ergonomically designed to prevent repetitive stress injuries and other safety risks.

Boost Productivity and Promote Workplace Safety

Let our electric tugs, movers and pushers handle the heavy lifting at your hospitality business. Our cheerful Sales Engineers are ready to help you find the right solution. Contact us at 800.686.2651.