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Powered Linen Cart

  • Install Powered Kit On New Or Existing Cart
  • Easily Installs On-site or at Factory
  • Kit Works On All Kinds Of Dirty Linen Carts
  • 24 Volt 2 Battery System
  • 0-3 MPH Forward/Backwards
  • Charger Works With 120/220 Hz Outlets
  • Applications
  • Video
  • Features and Specifications
  • Dimensions

Powered Linen Cart Applications

The Powered Linen Cart is a self-propelled, battery powered linen cart that transport dirty and soiled linens used for housekeeping in the hospital and hospitality industry. The Powered Linen Cart is motorized for moving soiled linens used for daily duties in hospital and hospitality environments, eliminating the manual pushing of these heavy dirty linens, especially on flooring that makes the carts very difficult to push and maneuver.

Ergonomics has been repeatedly proven to significantly reduce back and other repetitive stress injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome. Businesses that institute ergonomic practices and use ergonomically-designed equipment, like DJ Products powered linen cart, realize immediate and significant reductions in injury rates and associated medical, insurance, workers compensation and lost man-hour costs. The proactive implementation of ergonomic policies improve workers morale and increase operation efficiency and productivity.

The Powered Electric Linen Cart can carry heavy linens up to 700 lbs. It has travels at speeds of 0-3 mph forward and backwards with a variable speed handle bar that allows the operator to make intricate maneuvers in tight, confined areas, especially where customers and patients exist. The unit is powered by a 24 volt motor system with 2 12 volt batteries, and can run for up to an entire shift without re-charging. The powered linen cart can be customized to any application or any environment.

Powered Linen Cart Video

Powered Linen Cart Features and Specifications

Powered Linen Cart Dimensions

DJ Products
DJ Products
DJ Products
DJ Products

We got the bellman’s cart and is super impressed- It looks great and is perfect. All the staff is in love with it. (Powered Cart Kit)

Steve Boll - Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

We have been very happy with the performance and operation of the CartCaddy’s you sold to us. We are so happy; we are interested in purchasing more. I am contacting you to request a new quote for additional units. (CartCaddy Lite)

Gary Settle - Grand California Hotel

That is awesome! Exactly what we had in mind. We'll be putting in an order for an additional unit today and the other 2 units in the next fiscal year sometime during summer! (CartCaddy Lite)

Devin Ko - UCLA

The carts are working out great. I would be happy to give a recommendation for your carts. (Powered Housekeeping Cart)

Mike - Canyon Ranch