Many of the duties performed in a warehousing environment are repetitive, especially if much of the material distributed is similar.  Employees in the receiving department follow the appropriate procedure from unloading to stocking and the shipping department will follow their detailed procedure for pulling, stationing and prepping the materials to be picked up by the freight carrier.

This seemingly simple operation might lead people to believe that any old equipment can perform the job – all the employees are doing is moving materials from one spot to another right?  This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth though, the procedures followed in many warehouses and distribution centers follow a similar path – but if safe, reliable and properly designed equipment weren’t available, the business would never be able to keep up with the competition.

Some warehouses would probably be able to function for a very brief period with just the most rudimentary materials, like hand trucks and pallet jacks – provided that the material is to large or cumbersome to be handled manually.  There are probably some distribution centers that could squeak by for a brief period with outdated propane fueled forklifts that are prone to breakdown and require regular maintenance but operating in this fashion would certainly mean the most difficult road for the employees and the biggest risk of not being capable of accurately fulfilling orders.

The ergonomically designed and battery powered lifts from DJ Products are the solution to any material handling problem plaguing a warehouse or distribution center.  These lifts and carts are easy to operate, quiet, safe and the most reliable available.  These days, just keeping up with the competition in the distribution industry may not be enough to survive – you have to give your employees every edge to be able to fulfill orders as quickly and accurately as possible.  The edge often begins with the equipment used to get the job done, that’s why many warehouses and distribution centers are turning to the lifts and carts produced by DJ Products for their material handling needs.