Manufacturer of Industrial & Warehouse Tugs and Push/Pullers, Trailer Movers, Dumpster Movers, and Aircraft Tugs

DJ Products Inc. innovative material handling equipment eliminates the strain of manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our products are smaller, more maneuverable than others in the industry, and less costly. Our sales engineers can offer customized options to fit any application and ensure improved operational efficiency.
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Industrial Carts, Home
Industrial Carts, Home
Industrial Carts, Home
Industrial Carts, Home
Industrial Carts, Home
Industrial Carts, Home

“We are very happy with these units. Please thank everyone at DJ Products for the great efforts made to comply with our stringent quality and design requirements.” (CC5WP)

Scott Heffern - Custom Powder Systems

“The WasteCaddy is easy to use and maneuver with a heavy load. The staff loves it! This will prevent work injuries related to moving yard bins around the property.”

Bilal M. - Project Manager - Northern California

“It moves my 13,000 lb. trailer around like it was a little red wagon. I bought your Trailer Caddy for my 5th wheel last spring and I still love it.”

Rick Thiele - Coach Glass

“The AircraftCaddy works great! I am really impressed by the quality and by the service I have received from your company. Having lived 7 years in Rochester, I am very familiar with the Minnesota work ethic so this does not surprise me at all! Thanks again!”

Steve Dalyrimple - Rochester, MN

“We LOVE the CarCaddy. No questions, works great!”

Janet Gill - Gill's Service Center

“It’s been fantastic. The power and being able to move the sized trucks that we push around up a 5-6 percent grade; it’s unbelievable.” (TruckCaddy)

Jeremy - Findlay Chevrolet


Trailer Mover TrailerCaddy Application

Dumpster Tugger WasteCaddy Application

Industrial CartCaddy Application

Experience Tested Designs

For more than 20 years, DJ Products has manufactured thousands of push/pull heavy cart and wheeled equipment solutions. Our products include electric tugs, powered semi-trailer movers, small airplane tugs, motorized industrial and warehouse carts. Our ergonomic products can lead to greater operational efficiency and productivity.

Engineered for a wide range of uses, our products allow one-person to easily push and pull heavy wheeled carts and all types of material handling loads. With a smaller footprint than forklifts, our products are less costly, more maneuverable, and easier to use.

Improved Safety & Efficiency

Our walk-behind electric tugs and powered cart solutions help our customers to create a safer work environment and can increase productivity in the workplace in some cases by more than 50%. Your staff will no longer need to manually push or pull heavy carts or equipment and risk injury pushing heavy dumpsters and carts on inclines or in snow or slush.

In many cases, what was a two-person job can easily and safely become a one-person job. By mitigating on the job injuries with our material handling equipment, you may qualify for reduced insurance premiums and lower your E-MOD rating.

Unparalleled Service & Support

Made in the USA, our products ship domestically and globally. As a manufacturer, our focus is on engineering and manufacturing equipment to meet the unique needs of our customers across a broad industry base. We have engineered and shipped more than 50,000 equipment solutions to customers around the globe.

Our knowledgeable sales engineers are available to help you find an affordable, safe solution for any heavy cart or wheeled equipment application. To customize a solution for your heavy moving needs or to ask a question, please do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone today!