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How To Improve Your Material Handling Warehouses Productivity and Safety

improve material handling productivity and safety, How To Improve Your Material Handling Warehouses Productivity and Safety

Improved Safety and Productivity

Material handling is defined as, “the movement of goods and materials around manufacturing and storage facilities.” Clearly, material handling forms the backbone of your warehouse operations. Here are some tips on how use of our trailer dolly and other methods can improve material handling productivity and safety.

1. Optimize the warehouse layout.

Is there a smooth, logical flow to your warehouse layout, or do workers jockey for space as they constantly travel from one end to the other? Basic warehouse layouts are U-shaped, L-shaped and I-shaped. Analyze your operations and determine whether the current layout works.

2. Invest in a warehouse management system (WMS).

The days of manual recordkeeping with pencil and paper are long gone. A warehouse management system tracks every piece of inventory from the time it arrives to the time it leaves, allowing for more accurate and timely data. Other benefits include alerts and reminders, such as an advance ship notice that a delivery is on the way.

3. Plan storage space carefully.

Are the warehouse aisles cluttered with overflow? Maybe order selectors are losing time having to move one product to reach another. Figure out how much inventory can be safely stored in your warehouse at any one time.

4. Implement RFID tags and scanners.

RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification systems, are a significant improvement over barcodes. Line of sight isn’t required for RFID scanners, which can detect inventory anywhere from 20 to 100+ feet away, depending on the base technology.

5. Conduct employee safety training.

Good old-fashioned manpower is still required for certain material handling tasks. Develop regular safety training on best practices for manual processes, such as the best way to lift materials.

6. Provide the correct equipment.

Would construction workers dig a foundation using a tablespoon? Make sure your employees have the proper equipment, such as our trailer dolly, to help them work smarter, not harder.

The Trailer Dolly and Other Solutions from DJ Products

Implementing safe and efficient equipment improves employee morale, which in turn raises productivity. Contact us at at 800.686.2651 to learn more about our material handling solutions from our cheerful and experienced Sales Engineers.