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Our Top 5 Safety Tips for Material Handling

, Our Top 5 Safety Tips for Material Handling

Industrial Material Handling Safety

Material handling can be a dangerous task in warehouses. Accidents and injuries can easily occur when forklifts and similar equipment are used to move heavy loads or vehicles around. Finding ways to improve material handling, such as using motorized trailer dolly products, can boost safety in your warehouse. The following tips can help you make this task safer.

Ensure Proper Training

No matter what type of equipment your warehouse uses for moving heavy loads and vehicles, it’s important to make sure staff are properly trained. Warehouses workers should know how to use this equipment correctly and as safely as possible in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Instead of one-time training, plan continuous training to promote safety when using equipment for material handling.

Set Up Clear Pathways

Your warehouse floor should provide clear pathways for loads to be moved from one location to the next. Poor planning for your warehouse floor can lead to obstructions and other challenges that make material handling less safe. Make proper floor planning part of your strategy for improving material handling safety.

Schedule Predictive Maintenance on Equipment

The equipment your warehouse workers use to move heavy vehicles and loads around can develop flaws or damage that’s hard to spot right away. Predictive maintenance on this equipment helps ensure that these problems are caught early. You can then have equipment repairs done as needed to ensure safe material handling.

Encourage a Culture of Safety

Safety is something that workers should be aware of at all times when handling heavy loads or moving large vehicles. Encouraging s culture of safety among staff helps ensure that everyone is on board with maintaining a safe work environment. All workers should be familiar with safety policies in your warehouse.

Use Remote Monitoring

Having supervisors monitor material handling on the floor can create obstructions that make this task less safe. Use remote monitoring methods instead, so that supervisors aren’t standing on the warehouse floor.

For more information about our motorized trailer dolly products to help improve material handling, please contact DJ Products. We can help you choose the right solution for better safety in your warehouse.