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Four Easy Steps to Institute Warehouse Ergonomics

What are you doing to improve safety at your company?, Four Easy Steps to Institute Warehouse Ergonomics

Improve Warehouse Ergonomics

According to the National Safety Council, workplace injuries cost upwards of $165 million per year in lost productivity and medical expenses. What are you doing to improve safety at your company? The trailer dolly from DJ Products is part of a four-step program for effective warehouse ergonomics.

Tips to Institute Warehouse Ergonomics


1. Streamline placing and picking tasks.
  • Placing pallets and picking orders are two tasks that keep employees in constant motion. Optimize the warehouse layout for a logical flow that minimizes travel time, particularly in high traffic areas.
  • Make sure areas where walking is not allowed are clearly marked.
  • Instruct employees to watch for damaged pallets and shelving and report sightings immediately.


2. Keep aisles clear.
  • Sequence orders to allow for sufficient floor space between pickers.
  • Slot SKUs in such a way to avoid congestion around the more popular items.
  • Integrate cleanliness in your workplace culture. Have employees participate in keeping their areas free of clutter and designate specific cleaning times during the day.


3. Organize the receiving and shipping area.
  • Make sure receiving bays are cleared of personnel when trailers are docking. Only designated employees should handle the docking process to limit foot traffic in these areas.
  • Inspect all materials for damage before unloading.
  • Install signage that clearly delineates areas that are off-limit.
  • Use our eco-friendly trailer dolly to move loads of up to 100,000 pounds safely and efficiently.


4. Implement ergonomically-designed equipment.
  • Repetitive stress injuries occur when people repeat the same motion over long periods of time. These are common in warehouses, where employees are performing the same physical tasks day after day.
  • Adjustable work benches, anti-fatigue mats, gravity flow storage racks, hydraulic worktables and platform systems are some of the products that can ease stress on overworked muscles and joints.
  • Ensure that all employees are trained on correct use of equipment as well as company safety protocols.


Improve Safety and Boost Morale with Movers and Tugs from DJ Products

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