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Beyond the Dumpster: Scientists Create Enzyme that Breaks Down Plastic Bottles

By August 4, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
Beyond the Dumpster: Scientists Create Enzyme that Breaks Down Plastic Bottles

Scientists Research Enzymes to Eat Plastic

Every day life-changing discoveries are made

Scientific findings and technological advancements punctuate the news with creative and environmentally-friendly solutions. Recently, a plastic-decomposing, mutant enzyme was found by scientists. Now, rather than waiting hundreds of years for nature to take its course, the breakdown process of plastics can begin within a few days.

Bold developments such as this work hand-in-hand with problem-solving machinery. Like technological breakthroughs, simple solutions such as incorporating reliable dumpster-moving equipment can change the environment you live in. These revolutionary inventions act as a welcome answer to the complex challenges of waste management.

The Problem with Plastic

Development of this new enzyme is an exciting development. However, mutant enzymes that lead to more efficient trash reduction and plastic independence are still far from being incorporated fully into the mechanisms of our current industries. There are still many other ways to ensure workable systems are in place to facilitate a cleaner, brighter future. Dumpster moving equipment is one type of system that will contribute to a clean and safe environment for years to come.

A Current Solution

Ease your burdens by using what you have at your “disposal” to create a safe, efficient and organized process. Investing in your employees’ well-being by reducing their potential for occupational accidents is one of the many reasons DJ Products are so desirable. With tried and tested dumpster moving equipment, and a goal to develop solutions that are sustainable, you can form a pattern of consistency that improves your business.

If you strive to implement a plan that will clean up your business and preserve good habits in the long-term, there are DJ Products available for you! Start on a path to a cleaner, safer work environment today!

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