Quickly connects to any cart
and moves carts up to 10,000 lbs


Moves heavy equipment
up to 50,000 lbs


Moves all types of trailers effortlessly


Pulls and pushes hospital carts and equipment


Pulls garbage dumpsters from compactor room to curbside for pickup


Safely and easily maneuver aircraft in tightly packed hangars to staging on the runway


Pushes stalled cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles into service garages


Powered cart and powered retrofit
cart solutions


Battery operated DrumCaddy
lifts and hauls drums up to 2,000 lbs.

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DJ Products, Inc. manufactures Powered Tuggers and Trailer Movers that eliminate the pain and strain of manually pulling and pushing heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our Dumpster Movers and Aircraft Tugs are less costly, smaller, and more maneuverable than traditional powered equipment used for moving dumpsters, aircraft, and any cart or piece of equipment on wheels.

Our Cart Tuggers and Trailer Movers can reduce the injuries that come from manually moving heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our solutions are battery powered “walk behind” tugs that can be maneuvered even in tight, difficult spaces. Since our powered cart mover solutions are more manageable than bulky, expensive, riding equipment such as fork trucks or a riding tug, they will be used more frequently and effectively, greatly increasing material handling productivity while saving money in operating costs and workers compensation claims.

Please choose the industry that best fits your need. If you can’t find a specific industry, please contact one of our Sales Engineers for consultation as we have solved over 10,000 cart moving and wheeled load applications, many which were customized to our customers specific application.


Common Trailer Mover and Cart Tugger applications include:

  • Maneuvering heavy window, glass, and door carts with a CartCaddy cart mover
  • Pulling heavy OTR and generator trailers with our TrailerCaddy trailer movers
  • Maneuvering linen and supply carts in a hospital with our CartCaddy electric tuggers
  • Pushing buses, trailers, or cars down an assembly line with our CarCaddy car and truck pusher
  • Moving parts and input material carts to manufacturing cells with a CartCaddy cart puller
  • Pulling heavy dumpsters from compactor rooms to curb side with a WasteCaddy dumpster mover
  • Using an AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tug for staging a plane on a runway or maneuvering in a hangar

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DJProducts CartCaddy-WasteCaddy-AircraftCaddy and others are proudly made in the USA


It is awesome!!

Rodney called in LOVES his EPC trailer mover- wants to be a reference for us- "it’s unbelievable how it moves my boat!! It is awesome!! “One happy DJ customer!!! Is spreading the word to his friends and family got to love it! (TrailerCaddy Trailer Mover)

Rodney Osbourne - RNJ Well Service

We LOVE the CarCaddy

We LOVE the CarCaddy no questions works great!

Janet Gill - Gill's Service Center

working fantastic

TCHDww unit working fantastic.. moving boats with ease. (TrailerCaddy Heavy Duty)

Kelly - Bonner County Sheriff's Office

It moves my 13,000 lb. trailer around like it is a little red wagon

I bought your Trailer Caddy for my 5th wheel last spring and I still love it. It moves my 13,000 lb. trailer around like it is a little red wagon

Rick Thiele - Coach Glass issues moving a 40,000 lbs trailer pintle trailer

We received the TrailerCaddy today with no issues moving a 40,000 lbs trailer pintle trailer. (TrailerCaddy Extreme)

Anthony R Campo - US Army Fort Belvior HMS 249th ENG BN

The carts are working out great.

The carts are working out great. I would be happy to give a recommendation for your carts. (Powered Housekeeping Cart)

Mike - Canyon Ranch

All the staff is in love with it

We got the bellman’s cart and is super impressed- It looks great and is perfect. All the staff is in love with it. (Powered Cart Kit)

Steve Boll - Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is absolutely awesome

We have been using the tug for about 8 months now and it is absolutely awesome. I kick myself every time I use it for being so stupid to have used the tractor for 11 years!!!

Stewart McMillan - Task force tips

My husband loves it

Yes we have opened it up. My husband loves it, he took his plane out of the hanger and pulled it to have gas put in he said that it pulls his plane great and was very easy to use. I have to say he wasn't too sure when he first got it because of the size and weight of the unit, but once he used it he is loving it. Thanks again for working with me to set him up with the Aircraft caddy unit.

Laverne Macking

Exactly what we had in mind.

That is awesome! Exactly what we had in mind. We'll be putting in an order for an additional unit today and the other 2 units in the next fiscal year sometime during summer! (CartCaddy Lite)

Devin Ko - UCLA

We got unit yesterday and are loving it, its great!

We got unit yesterday and are loving it, its great! We like the top, you did great job - looks good, perfect for what they are using it for- everyone is very pleased with it, plenty of power, also have a slight ramp outside, handles it nicely - even like the color (WagonCaddy RW)

Tony - Commercial Forged Products

We are very happy with these units

We are very happy with these units and please thank all at DJ products for the great efforts made to comply with our stringent quality and design requirements. (CC5WP)

Scott Heffern - Custom Powder Systems

BEST investment we have made in a long time

The WasteCaddy units are working fantastic! Guys are pleased and so am I, BEST investment we have made in a long time

Dave - Syracuse Housing Authority

We love the unit

We love the unit, very happy with your product and your service- We looked at lots of other units prior to buying your unit, and they don't even compare.

Mike Meyers - Delphia House Apartments

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