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5 Ways a Trailer Dolly Can Improve Your Trailer Yard

, 5 Ways a Trailer Dolly Can Improve Your Trailer Yard

Trailer Yard Safety With the Trailer Dolly

Moving trailers around from one area to another in your trailer yard comes with certain risks and challenges. Without the right equipment, your trailer yard can become an unsafe place for employees. You might also face difficulties in terms of efficiency and costs. Using a motorized trailer dolly to move trailers from spot to spot offers the ideal solution. These trailer dollies can provide your trailer yard with the following advantages.

Safer Work Environment

Trailer dollies in trailer yards make it safer for workers to tow or move trailers around compared to yard trucks. These dollies usually have forward-facing operation, which reduces the need for operators to look behind them when they need to back into a spot. These dollies also make it easier to avoid running into obstacles in the trailer yard.

Better Efficiency

Having employees drive yard trucks around to move trailers means you have to make sure they have proper licensing. You might also have to keep track of their hours behind the wheel for safety purposes. Trailer dollies don’t require a commercial driver’s license, logged hours, or specialized training to operate. This can help improve efficiency in your trailer yard.

Lower Costs

Switching from a yard truck that runs on diesel to a battery-powered trailer dolly that can be recharged can help save your company money. You’ll also have reduced costs from not having to hire CDL drivers to operate yard trucks.

Improved Maneuvering

Trailer dollies provide much smoother maneuvering in trailer yards compared to yard trucks. Workers can easily steer and turn these dollies, even in tight or confined spaces. This helps reduce the risk of accidents, errors, and injuries.

Simple to Use

Electric trailer dollies are much easier to operate than yard trucks. With these dollies, you can have more workers available to move trailers around. This can lead to better efficiency in your trailer yard, since you don’t need specially trained staff with proper licensing.

If you’re looking for the right trailer dolly for your trailer yard, please contact DJ Products. Our company can help you choose the best solution for improving efficiency and safety in your trailer yard.