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5 Safety Issues Our Trailer Dolly Helps Warehouse Yards Avoid

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 25 percent of reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks. How much time and productivity have loading dock injuries cost your company? Minimize these five major warehouse yard safety issues with use of our battery-powered Trailer Dolly.

1. Improper use of vehicle restraints

Engines should always be shut off during trailer loading and unloading. In addition, wheel chocks and other supplementary vehicle restraints should be used to guard against periodic shifting and movement, often referred to as trailer creep.

2. Defective or improperly-used dock plates

Dock plates bridge the gap between the trailer and loading dock, which is a significant safety risk. Wear and tear over repeated use can result in damage that causes the plates to fail. Ensure that the plates are capable of supporting cargo, moving devices and the workers handling the loads. Plates should be positioned with a minimum overlap of eight inches on each end.

3. Absence of personal protective equipment (PPE)

At a minimum, loading dock workers should be wearing safety shoes, gloves, hard hats and goggles. All PPE should be examined on a regular basis for proper fit and good condition.

4. Blocking exits and emergency equipment

During busy times, it’s all too easy to cut corners by placing trailers in the wrong spot, thinking a few minutes can’t hurt. The truth is that injuries can occur in a matter of seconds. Make sure trailers are not blocking exits or emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and sprinklers.

5. Pedestrian mishaps

Pedestrians are often victims of loading dock accidents caused by blind spots and obstructions. Only necessary personnel should be present during loading and unloading. All off-limits areas and pedestrian walkways should be well-marked with signage, lights and other highly visible indicators.

Improve Safety and Employee Morale with the Trailer Dolly

A focus on safety shows concern for employee welfare, which leads to improved morale and reduced turnover. Learn more about why the Trailer Dolly from DJ Products is the top solution for your warehouse. Use the handy online chat feature to have your questions answered by our cheerful Sales Engineers.