AircraftCaddy 4K/8K – Aircraft Tow

  • AircraftCaddy 4K/8K – Small Aircraft Tow Features
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Works Great And Tugs Aircraft Up To 4K/8K
  • Works Great On Aircraft w/wo
    Wheel Pants
  • Lazy Susan provides 180 Degree Turning
  • Battery Powered for Smooth/Silent Operations
  • Airport Tug: Manufactured For Aircraft
    Up To 4,000/8,000 lbs And Without Wheel Pants


The AircraftCaddy 4K/8K Aircraft tow tractors are battery powered tractors manufactured to push and pull aircraft up to 4,000 lbs or 8,000 lbs in a hangar, airport, or FBO. This aircraft tractor comes with an easy-on roller cradle that slides effortlessly under the nose wheel of an aircraft. Once the nose wheel of the aircraft is secured in the cradle, the cradle has a lazy susan style turning that allows the tractor to turn a full 180 degrees underneath the nose wheel of the aircraft without turning the wheel or steering mechanism of your aircraft. The lever handle and cable system on the aircraft tractors locks and releases the easy-on cradle when loading and unloading the aircraft. Our AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tow Tractors works great in the harsh weather conditions, such as snow, sleet, or ice, as well as on gravel, dirt, or grass.

Additional information

Weight 870 kg
Dimensions 76 × 46 × 36 cm

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