The AircraftCaddy 4K. Jr. Electric Trailer Tug is specially developed for moving small planes with or without wheel pants that weigh up to 4,000 pounds. It is a battery-operated tug with a heavy-duty steel frame, and it can be easily operated by just one person. The AircraftCaddy 4K Jr. moves an airplane carefully at the speed of 0-2 mph. Being a walk-behind tug, it gives the operator better control when maneuvering the aircraft; therefore, reducing the risk of accidents. Its smooth acceleration and braking systems ensure that the plane will not experience rough starting or stopping. Also, its ergonomic design and quiet electric motor reduce the risk of physical injuries and hearing impairment, and make it easier for the operator to fully concentrate on the task of moving the airplane.

Additional information

Weight 486 kg
Dimensions 33 × 53 × 30 cm
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"This thing is worth every penny. I am the envy of the airport and even lent it to my hanger neighbor yesterday to get his twin in."

Michael B - Montana