AircraftCaddy 15K – Small Aircraft Tug


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Lindbergh Aircraft Tugs are no doubt the ultimate solution for moving aircraft’s in and out of hangars. They make moving aircraft so easy that you do not need to hire many employees to get the job done, enabling you to save on labor costs. High quality new and used AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tugs come with the necessary features to minimize the effects of various hazards that are found in an airfield, and they can help you keep your aircraft in a good condition. While aircraft tugs make it a lot less physically demanding for you to move an aircraft, it still requires manual effort. You have to pull or push the plane to the desired location. Remote controlled aircraft tugs allow you to move and maneuver your aircraft by just pressing a few buttons. Most importantly, it gives you the freedom to walk around the airplane when it is being towed, enabling you to make sure that it will not come into contact with obstacles that are in its way. By moving your aircraft with a remote control, you do not need to walk back and forth or have another person stand behind the plane to check the stopping distance. Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Co. offers a remote control option with all its tugs. The remote control comes with slow forward and backward, and emergency stopping functions to minimize the risk of bump and collision damage.

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Weight 1350 lbs
Dimensions 92 × 46 × 36 in


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