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Industrial Cart Mover

In most manufacturing or distribution environments, pushing and pulling are the two most required manual actions and can place extreme stress on a worker’s body, often resulting in back, groin and other musculoskeletal injuries. Our Industrial Cart Mover eliminates the physical strain of manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our Cart Pullers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations to fit the demands of the task and the capabilities of your workforce. Our Electric Tug reduces the amount of force that must be exerted by the operator to maneuver a load.Various cart, wheeled load, and attachment configurations are available to meet the needs of any task. View our complete line of ergonomic electric tuggers, cart movers, electric powered carts and cart pullers down below.If your cart, rack, or equipment has casters that turn when the load turns, our CartCaddy electric carts with a fifth wheel style turning method are needed: