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CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty – Tug

    • Pulls equipment with tongues up to 3,000 lbs. 
    • Attaches with pin, pintle, or ball hitch 
    • 36v – 3 Battery system 
    • 0-3 mph Forward & Reverse 
    • Chargers work with 120VAC-1Ph outlets 
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The CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty is designed to pull or maneuver carts or trailers with a tongue that hinges up and down and can also turn an axle at the bottom of the cart. Usually there is a ring or eye at the end of these tongues that can attach with a pin or pintle hitch. Due to the nature of the swiveling tow arms it grabs, it doesn’t transfer weight from the load to the CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty drive tires, explaining why the tugger cart doesn’t include the electric lift kit. The CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty also has a wagon wheel steering system, which makes turning and maneuvering loads easier. This design works well on carts or trailers that weigh up to 3,000 lbs. 

The CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty comes standard with a 36v system (3 – 12v batteries) designed to give the operator 6-8 hours of continuous run time before recharging.  

This tugger has a variable speed twist grip for forward and reverse directions from 0 to 3 mph. The ergonomically correct variable speed feature prevents carpal tunnel and allows the operator to maintain smooth control while intricately maneuvering his load. The CartCaddy WagonWheel shorty ability to go 3 mph allows the machine to keep up with the operator without frustration from waiting for a slowly operating machine when operating the unit from point A to B throughout your facility 

The safety stop switch positioned at the back of the handlebar box immediately kills the power, and the machine comes to a rolling stop (about 2 ft.) to prevent any possible injury from operating the device. This feature is a must when buying any piece of cart pulling equipment. 

The CartCaddy WagonWheel Shorty is designed for easy maneuvering and pivoting of your loads. After the arm hitch is attached firmly to your carts or equipment, the unit can pivot a full 180 degrees under the arm. This feature allows for turning your loads a full 90 degrees without jack knifing your cart or manually turning the front of your cart. 

Standard Features 

  • Heavy duty steel frame 
  • 1HP 36VDC Drive system 
  • High tech speed controller 
  • Neutral throttle braking 
  • Adjustable acceleration/braking 
  • 36v System – (3) 105 amp batteries 
  • Variable speed twist grip 
  • 0-3 mph Forward & Reverse 
  • Non-marking tires 
  • Battery discharge indicator 
  • Automatic charger 

Optional Features 

  • Upgraded power package 
  • Extra steel 
  • Pintle hitch 
  • Ball hitch and mounting bracket 
  • Safety horn 
  • Safety light and light pole 
  • Maintenance-free batteries (set of 3) 
  • Onboard charger 
  • Solid fork tire upgrade 
  • Safety stop switch 

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"We received our TrailerCaddy and we really like it, it's so easy to operate, thank you very much for your help. (TrailerCaddy Chain Drive)"

Carlos Capistran - Interstate U Stor

"Working GREAT! Love it- it even moved a 32,000 lb. load! (TrailerCaddy Chain Drive)"

David Miller - Alliant Tech Systems

"We are very happy with these units and please thank all at DJ products for the great efforts made to comply with our stringent quality and design requirements. (CC5WP)"

Scott Heffern - Custom Powder Systems

"It will allow our bulk receivers to do their job more efficiently, ergonomically, safely. The maintenance on it is night and day compared to our track mobile!"

Sony Y

"Good news! It’s very probable that they will be buying a second unit so that they have one for the cook line and one for the raw line. (CartCaddy Shorty)"

Laure Well - Cargill

"The WasteCaddy units are working fantastic! Guys are pleased and so am I, BEST investment we have made in a long time"

Dave - Syracuse Housing Authority

"Perfect unit works great- we love it- The bracket we created works super! (CC5WP)"

Joe Cummings  - Stoody Co.

"Simple machine to operate- We trained are [sic] employees and works great- didn't have any problems- attachment was perf- they modified a few of their carts but works great- (CartCaddy Wagon Wheel)"

Simon Haillihan - Dew Engineering

"We got unit yesterday and are loving it, its great! We like the top, you did great job - looks good, perfect for what they are using it for- everyone is very pleased with it, plenty of power, also have a slight ramp outside, handles it nicely - even like the color (WagonCaddy RW)"

Tony - Commercial Forged Products

"Happy to report everyone is happy with the 5WP, working fine, guys really like it! She said if WE have any other Q's let her know (CC5WP)"

Jim Williams - Imperial Marble

"We have put on the attachment and we are using the unit. My crew loves it. It was simple to run with just a read of the manual, and did not take long to train everybody. I'm impressed with the ease that the unit can push and pull. Thank You (CartCaddy Shorty)"

Rudy Brailsford - McWane Ductile