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CartCaddy5WP – Cart Mover

  • Capable of moving carts up to 7,000 lbs. (in ideal operating conditions)
  • 36v – 3 Battery system
  • Quick connections to any cart
  • Zero installation of tow arms on any cart
  • 0-3 mph Forward & Reverse
  • Chargers work with 120VAC-1Ph outlets
  • Applications
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  • Features and Specifications
  • Dimensions

The CartCaddy5WP is designed for maneuvering wheeled equipment and other carts with 2 swivel front casters and 2 straight/fixed-position back wheels. This unit latches onto the side of the cart that has swivel wheels using a custom steel attachment designed by our in-house engineers. This attachment connects to an electric lift kit that can lower or raise the attachment. Benefits of this connection method: It provides quick and easy process for hooking up to and unhooking from any cart, and it allows the weight to be transferred from the cart to the CartCaddy5WP drive tires for some additional traction when the loads are heavy. The average cart weight range for the 5WP is 0 – 7,000 lbs. Heavy or light, large or small, our caddies can move them all!

The CartCaddy5WP comes standard with a 36v system (3 – 12v batteries) designed to give the operator 4-8 hours of run time, depending on the load conditions the unit is handling.

This unit has a variable speed twist grip to move forward and reverse going 0-3 mph. The ergonomically correct variable speed feature prevents carpal tunnel and allows the operator to maintain smooth control while intricately maneuvering the load. The CartCaddy5WP’s ability to go 3 mph allows the machine to keep up with the operator without frustration from waiting for a slow machine when operating the mover from point A to B throughout your facility.

The safety stop switch positioned at the back of the handlebar box immediately kills the power, and the machine comes to a rolling stop (about 2 ft.) to prevent any possible injury from operating the device. This feature is a must when buying any piece of cart pulling equipment.

The electric lift option and customized attachment prevent you from having to fabricate multiple attachments on each of your carts or equipment. The CartCaddy5WP’s arm lowers and raises for attaching firmly to the bottom of your cart. Weight is transferred from your cart to the front drive wheels of the CartCaddy5WP for better traction when moving your cart.

The CartCaddy5WP is designed for easy maneuvering and pivoting when moving your load. After the arm is attached firmly to your carts or equipment, the unit can pivot a full 180 degrees under the arm. This feature allows for turning your loads a full 90 degrees without jack-knifing your cart or manually turning the front of your cart.

Standard Features

  • Sheet steel frame
  • 800 lb. Differential / Transaxle
  • High tech speed controller
  • Neutral throttle braking
  • Adjustable acceleration & braking
  • 36v – 3 Battery system
  • Variable speed twist grip
  • 0-3 mph Forward & Reverse
  • Non-marking tires
  • Battery gauge
  • Automatic charger

Optional Features

  • 5th Wheel arm
  • Custom attachment
  • Safety stop switch and guard kit
  • Foam filled tires: aggressive tread or non-marking tires
  • Maintenance free or gel cell batteries
  • Safety horn
  • Safety light
  • Differential motor / transaxle
  • Upgraded battery charge
  • High output motor controller
  • Dual drive wheel kit
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Ballast weight for traction