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Workman’s Compensation Trends

By May 26, 2016 March 10th, 2020 No Comments

Watching the trends and staying aware of changes in laws can help businesses plan how to prevent injuries and prepare for the risk of workman’s compensation claims.

Here’s a roundup of trends in the news regarding workers’ comp:

Safety measures help reduce worker’s comp costs in some states

Costs associated with worker’s compensation vary from state to state and in different industries. While rates rise in some sectors, many states have seen slight decreases across-the-board in costs for employers—with manufacturing and industrial firms seeing decreases due to lower medical costs and changes in safety measures.

Calls for better oversight

Many government agencies have seen scandals and controversies rock their workman’s compensation departments, leading to chatter over the need for better oversight of the programs.

In Washington, D.C., city officials have held special meetings to find out whether $24 million was mismanaged in recent years by administrators.

While employers wish for compensation matters to be handled swiftly and fairly, questionable management of the programs themselves are cause for concern for everyone involved.

Cities mulling creation of local worker’s comp offices

Municipal governments face workman’s compensation claims just as private businesses do, and in some cases city officials have seen large rises in claims. Trenton, New Jersey administrators have paid unexpected millions in compensation claims in 2014, prompting calls for a new local position or city office to oversee the program.

While debate goes on about the cost-benefit concerns of creating an oversight position, rising costs have proponents claiming that the job could pay for itself by reducing fraudulent claims.

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