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When You Need to Move an Aircraft, You Get a DJProducts AircraftCaddy

, When You Need to Move an Aircraft, You Get a DJProducts AircraftCaddy

AircraftCaddy Delivery

We value our customers, and we love to hear when they have had an exceptional experience with us. Here are some of the things they have had to say about the AircraftCaddy.

The Aircraft

This customer owns a few small aircraft including the Vans RV-6A and Lancair Super ES. They came to us because they were struggling to move their fully fueled Super ES especially if the ground wasn’t dry. They said that given the unusual design of tow plate the AircraftCaddy 4k was the clear winner over the competition due to its ability to tow more weight than they needed and a versatile mounting solution.

Receiving and Operation

When it came to operation of the Aircraft Tug, the client was overjoyed with the whole process form receiving to assembling the AircraftCaddy they said, “I spent more time breaking down the crate than I did getting it open, assembling the tug and operating it.” Operating the tug was also exceedingly easy, so much so that they were able to film the use of the tug with one hand and operate it with the other hand. They were able to remove the aircraft and put it back in the hanger all one handed.

The Benefit of the AircraftCaddy

So, what was the benefit of this tug over the competition? This is what the customer has to say “The ACC 4K just makes it easy. Irrespective of which plane I want to fly, I no longer have the deflating experience of having to worry about how I’m going to get the planes in and out of the hangar, nor do I need to worry about how long it’s going to take.” We will let you make the decision.

If you are looking for solutions for moving aircraft big or small contact DJProducts, Call 800.686.2651 or use the handy online chat feature to learn more from our Sales Engineers.