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When is the Best Time of Year to Purchase Material Handling Equipment for Your Warehouse?

motorized trailer dolly, When is the Best Time of Year to Purchase Material Handling Equipment for Your Warehouse?

Motorized Trailer Dolly Improves Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses rely on various types of material handling equipment, such as forklifts. These pieces of equipment can break down or develop damage over time. In some cases, businesses become busier and don’t have enough equipment to handle more loads. Whether you’re looking into getting a motorized trailer dolly or another type of equipment for material handling, knowing when to make this purchase is important.

Busy Seasons

Is your warehouse busier during certain seasons, such as the holiday shopping season? If so, it’s essential to make sure you have material handling equipment to take on more loads. Otherwise, your current equipment can end up with more wear and tear, which can boost the chance of needing repairs or more frequent maintenance. If you’re expecting increased business during the holidays, order the material handling equipment you need now. If your busy season is summer, it’s still a good idea to order ahead of time in case of delays.

Supply Issues

When many other businesses are ordering equipment, you might experience lengthy delivery times. For example, a shortage of material handling equipment can lead to long delays before you’re able to get your items. If you know you’ll be needing more equipment in the near future, put your orders in now to make sure they arrive on time.

Damaged or Worn Equipment

Don’t wait until the ideal time of year to buy material handling equipment if yours is worn or damaged. Ordering as soon as possible helps ensure that you receive new equipment, while also lowering the risk of excessive downtime and productivity loss.

Not Enough Equipment

If your warehouse is expanding or business is picking up steadily, plan ahead. Take a look at the equipment you have now and determine what you need in order to keep up with the growing demands of your warehouse. Place orders for material handling equipment as soon as you know what you need.

If it’s time to purchase a trailer dolly for your warehouse, please contact DJ Products. We offer material handling solutions to help businesses improve efficiency, productivity, and safety, while lowering costs.