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Watch Our Trailer Caddy in Action

By September 8, 2015 February 21st, 2020 No Comments

You’ve seen those guys at the truck shows who strap a rope around their chest and pull a mega-ton truck across the ground, their muscles bulging and popping with every step. Well, you can do that too, and you’ll only need one hand! With the aid of the DJ Products’ TrailerCaddy, anyone can move multi-ton trailers with ease. Just click here to watch a You Tube video of our TrailerCaddy in action.

The DJ Products TrailerCaddy is a powered mover designed to push or pull trailers that require lifting on one end before maneuvering. Designed to move equipment short distances, the TrailerCaddy makes it possible for any employee to move an equipment trailer, RV, camper or boat across a show room floor, from one point to another in the plant, into position at a trade show or to a new position in the lot. The TrailerCaddy does not require bulging muscles or super-human strength. The caddy does all the heavy lifting. All your employee does is steer.

Our powered TrailerCaddy is less bulky and more maneuverable than traditional electric pullers. This cost-efficient electric puller will decrease fuel and maintenance costs. Maximum operator control and maneuverability, particularly in tight spaces, means minimal damage to surrounding parts and equipment. Ergonomically designed for easy use, the TrailerCaddy decreases accidents and prevents worker injury associated with muscle strain. You’ll save in decreased medical expenses, insurance costs and workmen’s compensation claims. Visit our website for complete information about the TrailerCaddy.

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