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Video: CarCaddy VP6K Pulls Cars without Damaging Bumper or Body

Safety and efficiency are key while moving vehicles at car dealerships, automotive testing facilities and service centers. The battery-powered CarCaddy Vehicle Puller 6k (VP6K) makes it easy for one person to maneuver vehicles (up to 6,000 lbs.) in tightly-confined spaces

CartCaddy HD Chain Drive, Video: CarCaddy VP6K Pulls Cars without Damaging Bumper or BodyThe CarCaddy VP6K offers the option to either operate the unit while standing and pulling/pushing the vehicle, or while riding on the platform along with the car.

The unit’s hydraulic roller arms effortlessly pull two wheels of a vehicle up a ramp and off the ground, so it can easily maneuver the vehicle without the wheels of the vehicle moving. This operation eliminates the cumbersome straps, hooks, and brackets needed to lift and pull a vehicle, or the “bumping” of the vehicle from behind with rubber push pads.

For more info, reach out to a sales engineer via Chat, phone (1-800-686-2651) or fill out this form. We look forward to helping you find the best vehicle-moving solution for your needs.

Watch the video below to see the CarCaddy VP6K in action!

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