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Powered Commercial-Grade Car Pusher and Powered Truck Pusher

The CarCaddy industrial car pusher works with vehicles and equipment with straight wheels, moves on a rail and where turning is not required. For example, an operator turns the wheels from behind while the CarCaddy vehicle pusher pushes a bus down the assembly line.

Designed for car dealerships, but with a myriad of other uses, our battery powered CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher is easy to use and prevents the overexertion and injury from staff moving vehicles manually.

The CarCaddy commercial-grade powered vehicle mover is an excellent way to improve employee efficiency and safety in a car or RV dealership, DOD location, garage, boat showroom, and boat storage facility.

Available also in the CarCaddy line is a heavy-duty TruckCaddy vehicle pusher that pushes vehicles up to 50,000 pounds.