Motorized Car & Truck Dolly

If your truck, cart, trailer, or equipment has straight wheels or moves on a rail, our electric trailer, and pusher products can solve applications where turning is not required. For instance, an operator turns the wheels from behind while the CarCaddy vehicle pusher pushes a bus down the assembly line. Designed for car dealerships, our electric Car and Vehicle Pusher can handle a big lot of cars in almost any condition.

Most car dealers have a vehicle that has practically come right off the assembly line, but they also have cars that are desperately in need of repairs. In order to have those vehicles ready to be shown on display, or bring them in for repair, automotive salespeople and mechanics need the correct car pusher equipment. A single individual attempting to push a heavy truck or car into the bay for repairs or washing could end up injuring themselves.

The CarCaddy Car Pusher from DJ Products makes getting a vehicle to point B from point A much safer and faster than manual pushing. DJ Products’ motorized Trailer Mover is incredibly easier than other trailer equipment like forklifts, large trucks, and semi tractors that are more suited for crowded or smaller lots. It only takes one employee to hook the trailer to a boat, camper, or 53’ OTR to move it to the destination without damaging other vehicles, or overexerting their body.This powered trailer mover is an excellent way to improve employee efficiency and safety in a RV dealership, DOD location, or for a manufacturing and storage facility.