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Top 5 Uses for a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Benefits of Motorized Trailer Dollies, Top 5 Uses for a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Benefits of a Motorized Trailer Dolly.

When your business involves moving or pulling heavy loads or large vehicles, having an efficient way to do so is highly important. Using forklifts or other equipment that require manual handling puts your staff at risk of injuries, while also taking up a lot of time. A motorized trailer dolly offers the ideal solution for many businesses. The following are some of the top uses for these trailer dollies.

Distribution Centers

Some distribution centers have semi-trailers that have to be moved from one spot to another in the yard. Trailer dollies provide a safer and easier way to do this. They can be used to pull semi-trailers around distribution center yards as needed with minimal risk to workers.

Fulfillment Centers and Warehouses

Fulfillment centers and warehouses handle a lot of loading and unloading. This involves moving semi-trailers from dock doors to staging areas. Relying on a trailer dolly for this purpose offers a more efficient way to move semi-trailers for loading and unloading.

RV, Boat, and Cargo Trailer Dealerships

Dealerships that sell RVs, campers, boats, or cargo trailers need a safe way to move inventory around inside showrooms or on lots. Motorized trailer dollies are the perfect solution for moving RVs and other large vehicles from one area to another as safely as possible.


Mechanics who work on trailers or wheeled equipment need a dependable way to move these to service bays for repairs and maintenance. Trailer dollies make it possible to pull these around with greater efficiency.

Production Assembly Lines

Factories that produce trailers or wheeled equipment need to move these along production assembly lines as quickly yet safely as they can. Using a trailer dolly provides a fast way to do this, while also reducing the risk of injuries and productivity loss.

Benefits of Motorized Trailer Dollies

From safety and speed to efficiency, trailer dollies are the best solution for several kinds of businesses. DJ Products has several models available to choose from.

If a motorized trailer dolly could benefit your business, please contact DJ Products for more information. Our team can assist you in selecting the right solution for your company.