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Top 10 Forklift Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Catastrophe Part 2

, Top 10 Forklift Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Catastrophe Part 2

Safety Tips for Heavy Machinery

When you rely on forklifts in your warehouse, ensuring safe usage is essential. Switching to a trailer dolly instead helps reduce the risk of accidents. The following safety tips for operating forklifts can also protect against injuries and accidents.

Attachment Accidents

Forklifts have attachments that serve different purposes. Attaching these components or using them incorrectly can result in serious accidents. Forklift attachments also need to be maintained regularly to lower the risk of damage that can lead to accidents. Proper training, regular inspections, and routine maintenance can help ensure that forklift attachments are safely used.

Fuel Hazards

Forklifts typically require propane, diesel, or other chemicals to keep them charged and ready for use. Some of these chemicals are highly flammable, which increases the risk of warehouse fires. In some cases, explosions can also occur. Maintain a safe fueling area and ensure all chemicals are properly disposed of. Make sure staff know never to smoke in these areas.

Seatbelt Problems

Forklift operators need to have seatbelts or other harnesses that keep them secure while they drive around. A loose seatbelt or one that doesn’t work properly puts operators at a higher risk of injuries and accidents. Ensure all seatbelts and other harnesses are kept in good working condition.

Forklift Blind Spots

Blind spots in warehouses put forklift operators and pedestrians at greater risk of injuries and accidents. Forklift operators should put this equipment in reverse instead of driving forward when moving large loads that obstruct their views. Reducing accidents involves making sure pedestrians stay out of blind spots, keeping areas clear for operators, and ensuring that they know how to drive forklifts in reverse.

Low Ceilings

Operating a forklift in an area with low ceilings or other overhead obstructions can lead to accidents. Forklift equipment or the load being carried might be damaged in these areas. Ceilings should have markings that help forklift operators determine where they can and cannot go. Each operator should know the size of the forklift they’re using in order to avoid going into these areas.

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