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Tips to Negate the Effects of Inflation on Your Warehouse

Motorized Trailer Dolly, Tips to Negate the Effects of Inflation on Your Warehouse

Improving Warehouse Efficiency with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Over the last two years, inflation rates in the United States have had consumers and business owners on a roller-coaster ride. Some distribution facilities have seen their spending increase by nearly one-third. Our experts at DJ Products, makers of the motorized trailer dolly, share tips for keeping inflation from playing havoc with your warehouse budget.

1. Revisit financing options.

  • Are you hampered by current equipment leases? Look into the possibility of renegotiating the financial terms.
  • Thanks to high demand, used equipment sells for as much as 50 percent of the cost of new equipment. Sell existing equipment and lease it back as needed.

2. Prioritize power and equipment maintenance.

  • How much are you spending to power forklifts and other fuel-driven equipment? Battery-powered material handlers such as our motorized trailer dolly can operate a full shift on a single charge.
  • As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. Regular maintenance checks extend the life of equipment by catching problems early, allowing you to get maximum value and forestalling the need for new equipment.
  • On the flip side, promptly replace any equipment that is beyond normal repairs. Using faulty equipment is throwing good money after bad. More importantly, employees are at risk for injuries, for which the costs are more than financial.

3. Focus on employee retention.

  • For most companies, labor is the one of the larger costs in the operating budget. Constant turnover negatively affects productivity due to lack of experienced workers and reduced morale.
  • Company culture is a significant factor in attracting and keeping first-rate talent. Employees interpret the use of defective or unsafe equipment as a lack of concern for workplace conditions and, by extension, their safety. Providing safe and effective equipment goes a long way toward fostering job satisfaction.

Save Money and Time with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Our trailer dolly allows a single employee to do the work of two or more, while battery power makes them economical and eco-friendly. The electric yard truck is only one of our full line of tugs, movers, and pushers. Call 800.686.2651, where our cheerful Sales Engineers are ready to help find the best solution for your application.