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Improve Your Trailer Yard with an Powered Trailer Dolly and a Management System

Powered Trailer Dolly, Improve Your Trailer Yard with an Powered Trailer Dolly and a Management System

Improve Your Trailer Yard

While warehouse operations are frequently run with the help of powerful management systems, workers in the trailer yard are often left to fend for themselves. Boost the productivity in your own trailer yard with the one-two punch of a Powered trailer dolly from DJ Products and an effective yard management system.

Warehouse Management vs. Yard Management

In general, anything between the dock doors and the gates constitutes the trailer yard. According to Colin Mansfield, vice president of Yard Management Systems, many companies treat the yard as a supersized parking lot in which the only goal is to find an open spot for trailers and containers.

With little rhyme or reason as to how loading and unloading are conducted, drivers can be left cooling their heels for hours waiting for their truck to be ready. These delays result in a trickle-down effect that can slow down other steps in the supply chain.

Today, automation can be found in everywhere in warehouses, from management systems to robotic order pickers. As sophisticated as operations are inside, Mansfield points out that yard management is still done via spreadsheets, radios, and other low-tech solutions.

Tips for Integrating a Yard Management System

Mansfield explains that incorporating a yard management system (YMS) is neither difficult nor expensive, especially if you follow these tips:

  • Solicit feedback from companies that are successfully using YMS.
  • Conduct due diligence in researching vendors.
  • Look for stand-alone systems with robust features that will integrate well with current systems.
Benefits of a Powered Trailer Dolly

So how does a trailer dolly help to streamline the yard?

  • It can be operated by a single person, freeing up employees for other tasks.
  • Compact size and easy maneuverability make it easy to navigate small spaces and tight turns.
  • Solid-tread tires enable the dolly to be operated up and down inclines and on wet or icy surfaces.
  • Trailer dollies are battery-powered, making them less expensive and eco-friendly.
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