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Software Proactively Controls Truck Driver Breaks and Planning

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Software Proactively Controls Truck Driver Breaks and Planning

Your motorized trailer dollies might not need a break, but your workers do. From drivers to dockworkers, break planning is essential to compliance with labor laws. However, keeping up with this task can be difficult. Step-in workforce management software Deputy, and its recently released Break Planning feature.

Help for Navigating the Tricky World of Compliance Requirements

Increasingly complicated and highly regulated meal and rest breaks suffer a lack of transparency with regard to how time is managed, accounted for and compensated. States like California, Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts, which now require mandatory meal breaks and multiple rest periods, can be especially challenging when it comes to crafting employee schedules around these requirements while ensuring coverage.

How Does Deputy Software Solve Such Issues?

Compatible with a wide range of devices, Deputy’s Break Planning feature centers on compliance, helping businesses more easily manage, schedule, and track both paid and unpaid food and rest breaks, such as necessary driver breaks, providing tools to help employers more easily manage and account for breaks upstream. With an AI-driven (artificial intelligence) platform, devising schedules makes compliance easy, while the software provides employees the transparency often lacking surrounding entitled breaks and rest periods.

Break Planning Software Features:

Break scheduling
Schedule multiple paid/unpaid breaks within a shift, relying on pre-created shift templates in states with strict laws, or manage on-site with custom enforcement/attestation.

Break tracking
Logs all break details, providing easily-accessible records.

Employee visibility
Showcase eligible breaks via templates.

Software prevents early clock-in/return.

Risk management
Software proactively flags workers who short/miss breaks and pose compliance risks.

Hostler on break? Don’t get left hanging. With no need for a specialized operator, ensuring coverage is easy with motorized trailer dollies. Contact DJ Products to learn more today.

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