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Smart Tips for Hiring Pickers for Your Warehouse Operation

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Smart Tips for Hiring Pickers for Your Warehouse Operation

Smart Tips for Hiring Pickers for Your Warehouse Operation

Having the right material handling equipment in your warehouse improves productivity, but high turnover rates can quickly negate those gains. Use these tips to recruit and hire qualified pickers and packers for a more stable workforce.

Encourage Employee Referrals

Current employees can often be the best source of quality candidates. Workers feel a sense of pride in making a contribution to the company, and they’re reluctant to risk their own reputation by recommending a substandard applicant.

Some companies offer a bonus program for referrals who are hired, but that can be a double-edged sword. Employees may be tempted to refer someone simply to collect the money, so think carefully before going that route.

Use On-Demand Staffing Platforms

As the industry moves toward more temporary positions, it becomes increasingly counterproductive to spend a lot of time vetting job applicants. On-demand staffing platforms have developed to meet the demand of companies that need pre-screened candidates who are prepared to accept a job immediately.

Fine-Tune Your Requirements

The more specific you are with a job description, the easier it is to find a qualified candidate who matches your needs. As an added benefit, a detailed job description can provide strong evidence against possible discrimination claims.

Offer a Competitive Starting Pay Rate

Research the market to get a feel for what other companies are paying workers for comparable skills and responsibilities. Review your starting pay rates frequently to make sure they’re not falling behind the rest of the industry.

Turn to DJ Products for Your Material Handling Equipment Needs

Employees feel greater job satisfaction when working conditions are optimized. Battery-powered material handling equipment from DJ Products demonstrates your commitment to a safe and efficient workplace. Call 800.686.2651 for more information.

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