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OSHA’s Essential Safety Tips for Forklifts and Powered Industrial Movers

, OSHA’s Essential Safety Tips for Forklifts and Powered Industrial Movers

OSHA’s Top Safety Tips

Powered industrial movers, like our electric Trailer Dolly, help warehouse workers perform necessary work tasks safely and efficiently. What else can you do to reduce injury risk? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers some great safety tips you can implement in your workplace.

Storage and Handling
    • Conduct regular inspection of shelves and racks, looking for areas of weakness. Any damaged areas should be isolated immediately until they can be repaired.
    • Store heavier loads on lower shelves and racks. Make sure maximum load capacities are observed without exception.
    • Stack loose and unboxed materials carefully to prevent falling.
    • Don’t allow stored materials to extend past the edge of shelves, creating possible obstructions to workers and material handling equipment.
    • Install rack upright guards to protect from accidental forklift contact.
    • Perform ongoing maintenance to keep warehouse aisles free of cases, pallets and other obstructions.


    • Have a regular inspection schedule so problem areas are discovered promptly.
    • Install adequate safeguards on all pinch points. Make sure lighting is sufficient and work surfaces are level.
    • Have procedures in place to lock conveyors out in case of accidents or malfunctions. Train all employees on what to do during an emergency.


Material Handling Equipment
    • Perform all scheduled inspections and maintenance on pallet jacks and forklifts to ensure proper performance.
    • Make sure all areas where material handling equipment is used are clearly marked. Mark boundaries for proper clearance.
    • Keep elevators and hoists free of obstructions. Install appropriate signals and directional warning signs.
    • Instruct workers to keep aisles clear of stray boxes, trash and other obstructions.
    • Keep floors clean and well-maintained. Repair any ruts, bumps, holes or other hazards that cause workers to use excessive force in transporting materials. These damages can also result in vibrations and shocks when using driven equipment.


The Trailer Dolly from DJ Products

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