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New Hotel Design Trends Mimic Popular Luxury Airbnb Looks

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Indie Arts Themed Hotels - An Emerging New Trend

New Hotel Design Trends Mimic Popular Luxury Airbnb Looks

With luxury Airbnb lodgings stepping up their game to cash-in on social media buzz, hotels are likewise upping the ante when it comes to in-room amenities. Hotel supply movement carts are now toting high thread count sheets, spare throw pillows, and luxe robes and slippers. And the additions aren’t ending with items easily swapped. Some hotels and chains are undergoing in-room renovations, including customer-favored design trends such as…

Colorful Minimalism

Leaving fussy, over-styled furnishings in the past, clean lines and bright neutral furnishings and walls are on-trend, paired with small punches of color in the form of throw pillows and décor.

Multifunctional Furniture

Taking a cue from pint-sized but luxury lodgings, multifunctional furniture such as coffee table/desk combos, multi-use cubbies and stools can be a key feature of small hotel spaces, allowing for a feeling of openness and space, while still meeting the furnishing needs of guests.

Statement Headboards

Sleek, simply styled headboards in bold, bright colors and patterns add a fun (bed)room centerpiece.

Stylish Shibori

Tie-dye’s stylish cousin, Shibori, adds a unique and stylish pop, and are easy to include in the form of throw pillows and blankets.

Lively Lighting

Rather than boring overhead lighting that blends, luxury accommodations look to lively and colorful lighting features or shimmering chandeliers to a touch of whimsy.

Patterned Staircases

Added with premium or adhesive tile, patterned stairs boast a huge style impact, bringing fun and flair to once boring or utilitarian staircases.

Patterned Patios (or Balconies)

Transform balconies or patios with summery tile patterns, letting easy-care flooring shine center stage beneath the sleek lines of minimalistic outdoor chairs and tables.

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