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Five Key Warehouse Safety Facts

Warehouse safety becomes more and more important as the number of workers in these facilities increases., Five Key Warehouse Safety Facts

Warehouse Safety Facts

Providing a safe environment for workers in your warehouse is essential. Reducing the risk of injuries and accidents in your warehouse keeps employees safe from harm while also boosting productivity. The following warehouse safety facts can help you better understand the importance of ensuring the safest environment possible. Consider a trailer dolly to stop injury when moving heavy loads.

Overturned Forklift Trucks Cause the Most Fatalities

Forklift trucks are often used in warehouses to move pallets and other large objects around. These trucks can tip or overturn, leading to potentially fatal injuries. In fact, overturned forklift trucks are the most common incident resulting in fatalities. Over 40 percent of fatalities are caused by these trucks overturning.

U.S. Warehouses Have Fewer Than 30 Fatalities Each Year

Regulations on worker safety have made it possible for warehouse owners to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries in these facilities. Even with more and more warehouses being built in recent years, the number of fatalities has remained stable. Warehouses in the U.S. have fewer than 30 fatalities per year.

Warehouse Injuries Cost Over $84 Million a Week

The cost of warehouse injuries, which includes medical bills, equipment damage, replacement staff training, and production time loss, adds up quickly. One of the most notable warehouse safety facts is that injuries in these facilities in the U.S. cost more than $84 million a week.

Warehouse Staff Numbers Have Doubled in the Last Decade

Warehouse safety becomes more and more important as the number of workers in these facilities increases. In fact, the number of warehouse staff has doubled during the last decade and is expected to reach close to 2 million by 2030. With more warehouse workers, it’s crucial for owners to ensure warehouse safety.

Forklifts Cause 90 Percent of Pallet Rack Failure

While forklifts are commonly used for moving goods around warehouses, they can lead to pallet rack failure. Collisions with these trucks is one of the top reasons that failure occurs. The way forklift trucks move makes them more likely to hit pallet racks.

Having the right equipment for moving large items around is an effective way to ensure warehouse safety. Visit DJ Products to learn more about the solutions we offer. Our highlighted product this week is the versatile Trailer Dolly. Find out more today.