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Five Key Industries that Benefit from our Electric Tug Solutions

By December 14, 2020No Comments

For any business, pinpointing ways to improve efficiency is key. Streamlining operations is an important way to grow your business’s bottom line. Change and improvement remain constants for companies that challenge the notion that “this is the way we’ve always done it.”

If moving heavy equipment, materials or carts is a daily task for your business, one actionable way to boost productivity (and employee safety) is to invest in a walk behind electric tug. From manufacturing operations to luxury condos – hospitals to auto repair shops, if you’re moving something heavy, we have an electric solution to help move loads more efficiently. Here are five of the unique industries our hand-tailored products serve:

Industrial/Material Handling

For many manufacturing or distribution environments, manually pushing and pulling are two common actions that place heavy strain on the body and can result in injury. Our specialized industrial cart movers take the load off of employees; allowing one person to easily maneuver carts or heavy equipment from point A to point B. Here’s how Allen Engineering utilizes our electric CartCaddy 5WP to move a large piece of equipment out on the assembly floor:

Dumpster Movers

Who are our dumpster tows best suited for? Most frequently, apartment complexes, commercial properties, multi and single-family housing, as well as restaurants and retail shops use our WasteCaddy products to relocate heavy trash containers from trash room to curbside for pick up.

Our trash container movers allow one person to safely and efficiently relocate these bins over a variety of surfaces – even up inclines and on snow, sleet, ice or rain, without risking injury from strains or falls from manually moving the bins by hand. Watch how Pearl Flagler Village Apartments uses a WasteCaddy to save time & effort.

Trailer Movers

Manufacturing operations and distribution centers utilize our heavy-duty TrailerCaddy products to allow one person – no CDL required – to move loaded or unloaded trailers up to 100K lbs. around their lots, or in and out of dock doors. Additionally, trailer or RV storage and sales facilities use our trailer movers to relocate RVs on their lots or on showroom floors. Watch the video below to see why Quality Bicycle Products prefers the TrailerCaddy over an expensive yard truck.

Car & Heavy Truck Movers

Most commonly, auto dealerships, vehicle repair shops, automotive testing facilities and private car owners utilize our vehicle movers to easily push or pull vehicles along assembly lines or around crowded lots without the hassle of manually pushing, which can require 2-4 people depending on the vehicle. LAcarGuy loves using the CarCaddy Car Pusher around the dealership.


The versatility and quality of our aircraft tugs are perfect for any aircraft towing application up to 35,000 lbs. for individual, FBO, or corporate aircraft ground equipment. The AircraftCaddy allows one person to easily move their aircraft in, out and around the hangar or for staging on the ramp in minutes flat.

Here’s why Prescott Flying Club loves the AircraftCaddy to maneuver multiple airplanes:

No matter the industry you’re in, our electric equipment moving solutions are customized to fit your company’s specific needs. Get in touch with a sales engineer today – 1-800-686-2651 to discuss your application.

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