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Five Best Practices to Increase Warehouse Productivity

By January 12, 2017 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Five Best Practices to Increase Warehouse Productivity

Be a Great Manager and Do What’s Best for Your Workers.

To get the most from your warehouse operation and remain competitive, you must constantly look for ways to increase efficiency with minimum costs. Best practices vary by industry, but these five tips can help you improve productivity and save money by minimizing the risk of injury to your workers.

1. Organization is crucial

When your warehouse is divided into zones, it simplifies the process of picking and reslotting. You can better manage workflow and more easily spot areas that need improvement.

2. Automate when possible

Innovations in technology make automation more affordable. Stay current with advancements for your industry and invest in applications that will provide the best ROI. Our motorized industrial carts and industrial tugs make each of your employees more productive and minimize the risks of personal injuries and product damage.

3. Optimal lighting for optimal efficiency

The amount of light needed varies according to the task being done. Poor lighting will affect the quality of work and can lead to accidents or health hazards like eye strain and headaches.

4. Cycle counting for inventory control

You can improve the overall operation of your warehouse with a cycle counting process. Do it every day to ensure accuracy and better inventory control.

5. Maintain employee comfort

Studies show that productivity improves when employees know their managers and company care about them. Our industrial tugs make it easier and safer to move heavy products in tight spaces.

Regardless of the size of your warehouse or your material handling equipment needs, we have the right solution for you. Visit our website to view our wide selection of affordable, battery-powered tugs and pushers.

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