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Explore RV Trusted the Trailer Caddy to Optimize Productivity and It Can Do The Same For You

, Explore RV Trusted the Trailer Caddy to Optimize Productivity and It Can Do The Same For You

A Motorized Trailer Dolly is Essential

RV dealerships and rental companies need dependable ways to move RVs around in showrooms, on lots, or from one location to another. For Explore RV, this involves using motorized trailer dollies from DJ Products to handle these moves. Find out more about why Explore RV has nothing but praise for the TrailerCaddy 6K 36V trailer dolly.

Versatile Performance

Explore RV carries a large selection of rental RVs, including small bumper pulls and spacious fifth wheels. Hauling these RVs around requires a solution that works for all sizes. Instead of having to invest in multiple forklifts, the company uses the TrailerCaddy to move all of its RVs, from the smallest bumper pull to the largest fifth wheel. This kind of versatility helps save Explore RV money, while also providing efficient ways to move a variety of RVs.


Our motorized trailer dollies offer reliability and durability, which helps Explore RV and other businesses reduce costs on equipment expenses. Explore RV has been using the TrailerCaddy without any issues. Instead of having to deal with equipment that breaks down often or requires major repairs, our trailer dollies provide exceptional performance over the years. Explore RV recommends the TrailerCaddy for moving trailers short distances thanks to its dependable quality.

Improved Efficiency and Safety

Explore RV appreciates how easily our trailer dollies can move RVs around in different types of settings and on various surfaces, especially indoor venues where forklifts can’t be used. The company has been able to move their RVs around on their lots and within their showrooms with better efficiency using our battery-powered trailer dollies. They’ve also used our trailer dollies to move RVs from their location to convention centers or other locations for shows. These solutions have helped the company boost safety and efficiency overall.

Try Our Trailer Mover Solutions

Our trailer dollies can help your business handle the challenges that come with having to move large pieces of equipment or vehicles around.

If you’re looking for a reliable trailer dolly for your business, contact DJ Products. Our motorized trailer dollies are suitable for a wide range of businesses, including RV dealerships, warehouses, and airport hangars.