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Essential Steps to Retrofit Your Warehouse for Electric Cart Tugs

electric warehouse tugs, Essential Steps to Retrofit Your Warehouse for Electric Cart Tugs

Improve Ergonomics with an Electric Warehouse Tug from DJ Products

Electric warehouse tugs can take your operation’s productivity to a whole new level, but it takes careful planning to maximize integration. Use these helpful tips to retrofit your warehouse and get the most out of motorized movers.

1. Review current warehouse infrastructure.

• How is the floor plan laid out?
• Are there any problem areas?
• What types of material handling equipment are you presently using?

These are a few of the questions to ask in evaluating your warehouse setup.

2. Evaluate workflow and material handling functions.

Map out a detailed path of how products travel through your warehouse, from inbound receiving to outbound shipping. Identify challenges and areas for improvement. Be sure to consider safety issues and environmental factors.

3. Understand the role of electric warehouse tugs.

If you’ve been working with forklifts and other traditional material handling equipment, electric tugs offer an incredible set of advantages. Familiarize yourself with features such as maneuverability, versatility, and energy efficiency and consider the specific effects on work flow.

4. Determine requirements for operation of electric tugs.

• What load capacity will the tugs need to handle?

• Where will the charging be situated?

• Does the electrical infrastructure need upgrades to accommodate the additional power demands?

5. Create a budget.

Before a company makes any investment, it has to be determined whether it makes financial sense. Factors to consider include how much capital can be allocated to the initial purchase and calculating return on investment (ROI). With no fuel costs and reduced maintenance and labor costs, electric tugs usually represent a significant financial savings.

6. Choose the right electric tugger for your application.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork by completing the previous steps, you have the information you need to select the appropriate electric movers for your particular needs.

7. Complete the integration.

Fortunately, electric warehouse movers don’t require a lot of complicated training to get workers up to speed. Once you review operating instructions and safety considerations, employees will be quick to adapt.

State-of-the-Art Electric Warehouse Tugs from DJ Products

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