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Boost Warehouse Efficiency with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

, Boost Warehouse Efficiency with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Prevent Unnecessary Injuries with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

When your warehouse workers need to move or tow heavy equipment and items around, this can take up a lot of their time. Without a reliable way to do this, efficiency in your warehouse can suffer. A motorized trailer dolly can help boost warehouse efficiency while also reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Learn more about the benefits of using this type of dolly.

Greater Control and Safer Maneuvering

Moving a trailer dolly around manually can be difficult for warehouse workers to do. These trailer dollies can be tough to turn and maneuver in tight spaces, which can raise the risk of injuries and accidents. Using these dollies also leads to a higher risk of having items or equipment damaged, especially in small warehouse areas. Motorized trailer dollies provide better control over steering, so that heavy loads of equipment can be moved from place to place more efficiently and safely. This helps workers accomplish these tasks in a shorter amount of time with a lower risk of workplace injuries.

No Licensing Needed

Operating a truck to tow heavy loads or equipment around can lower warehouse efficiency. Warehouse managers who use trucks need to make sure every driver has the right licensing, and they need to keep a log of driving hours. This can become a time-consuming task that slows down warehouse operations. Using motorized trailer dollies doesn’t require any licensing or logging hours. While warehouse workers who use these dollies need to undergo safety training, this still takes up less time overall compared to having them operate trucks.

Cost Savings

Using trucks for heavy equipment comes with higher operating costs due to the need for fuel, licensing, and maintenance. These costs can quickly add up for warehouse managers. Motorized trailer dollies that run on electricity help lower costs, since they don’t need fuel to operate. Warehouse managers also save in other ways, such as not needing licensing for drivers or a lot of maintenance to keep these trailer dollies in good condition.

If you’re looking for a motorized trailer dolly for your warehouse, please contact DJ Products. We can help you find the ideal solution for moving heavy equipment around safely.