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Discerning Whats Real From Fake

When it comes to systems administered and operated by the DoD, integrity is crucial. A malfunction can cost lives, both civilian and military, as well as threaten our country’s security. The DoD recently issued a new rule aimed at preventing the acquisition of counterfeit equipment for DoD contractors.

Maintaining a Trusted Supply Chain

This past August, the Final Rule was announced as an amendment to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. The rule mandates a “strong preference” for the use of electronic components obtained from original or authorized manufacturers and their resellers.

The Federal Register states that the Final Rule was created for the benefit of both the Government and its contractors. Ensuring the integrity of electronic parts greatly reduces the risk of system failure on aircraft, ships and other military equipment.

What Happens with Non-Authorized Sources?

The Final Rule also contains a contingency clause addressing situations where a contractor has no trusted source for specific electronic parts.

• The contractor must give written notice to the contracting officer regarding proposed use of items from non-trusted sources.

• Upon request, the contractor must offer detailed documentation for their inspection and testing process.

• Contractors must be able to either trace the parts back to the original manufacturer or assume responsibility for authentication.

• These conditions also apply to subcontractors who are unwilling to accept a flow-down of the clause.

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