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Military & DOD Use - Powered Movers & Carts

DJ Products carries a special industrial line of powered movers and carts for heavy-duty use some with remote control use. Find our products on the General Services Administration (GSA) procurement list at your facility.

Applications for use include:

1) The movement of aircraft maintenance stands at Air Force bases with our CartCaddy5WPHD Cart Mover.

2) The maneuvering of equipment trailers in and around a maintenance shop with our TrailerCaddy Trailer Puller solutions.

3) The relocating of aircraft and helicopters in and out of hangars at an Airforce Base with our AircraftCaddy and Aircraft Tuggers.

4) The distribution and jockeying of heavy boats at a coast guard facility with our TrailerCaddy Trailer Powers.

5) The carrying of heavy missiles for reconditioning purposes at an army base with our WagonCaddyHD Cart Mover.

6) The removal of explosive materials at screening stations with our BombCaddy Powered Wagon.

7) The pushing of stalled vehicles at border crossing stations with our CarCaddy Car and Truck Pusher.

8) The pulling of heavy engine and body parts for UAF’s at a naval base with our CartCaddyShorty cart puller solution.

9) The pushing of heavy refueling tanks on a Navy aircraft carrier with our CartCaddyWagonWheel Power Mover.

10) The pulling of highway traffic signs in road construction zones with our TrailerCaddy Trailer Tug.

11) The pushing and pulling of military trucks and trailers through a warehouse for reconditioning purposes with our CarCaddy Truck Pusher and TrailerCaddy Trailer Mover solutions.