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Distribution Center Efficiency Tips – How to Drive Down Costs

By April 22, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Distribution Center Efficiency Tips - How to Drive Down Costs

Distribution Center Efficiency Tips – How to Drive Down Costs

Today’s most successful warehouse and distribution ventures know the key to maximizing profits and boosting efficiency lies in the right material handling equipment and operational tactics. What are the best supply chain engineers in the business doing to drive down costs?

Tried and True Ways to Boost Warehouse & Production Efficiency Include:

Vendor Compliance Reward Programs
Rewards, not punishments for non-compliance, offer incentive for all involved parties to contribute toward a more efficient supply chain. Developing a team mentality between your business, vendors, and 3PL providers is key. Small efficiency boosts can have a big impact on your bottom line over time, with success boosting profits for all parties. Where should you optimize?

– Reduced handling.

– Clear/specific labeling.

– Standard case quantities.

– Common product ID and tracking, upstream to domestic/offshore vendors.

– Speedier transportation.

– Resultant customer satisfaction ratings.

Shipping Notifications
Still relying on a ‘regular’ shipping/receiving schedule? You’re likely paying in staffing issues and delays. Advanced electronic shipping notifications through purchasing/inventory management functions can help you plan labor more precisely, optimizing fulfillment and transport activities to keep costs contained.

Automatic Data Collection
RF barcode and RFID systems remove the human error element of tracking. Each automated step is one less to manage, with the added advantage of data collection helping you make smart supply chain decisions.

Hands-Free Order Picking
The latest wrist-mounted RF units and voice pick/put-to-light fulfillment technologies accelerate picking.

Picking Waves
Preplanned picking waves with Tier1 WMS tech can boost route efficiency.

Material Handling Equipment
Motorized material handling equipment, such as cart pullers/movers, trailer and heavy equipment tuggers, boost efficiency and protect workers from costly injuries.

Looking for new ways to save? Boost efficiency and manpower with the latest in material handling equipment technology from DJ Products today.

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