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Beyond the Dumpster: Landfills – a Growing Community Problem

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Beyond the Dumpster: Landfills - a Growing Community Problem

Beyond the Dumpster: Landfills – a Growing Community Problem

Landfills are a necessary evil that can have a lesser impact if people are careful about what goes inside of them. Gas emissions and poisoned water supplies are the real problems with landfills, far more than just the space they take up.

If responsible waste management were easier, wouldn’t you and your staff be more on board with it? When facilities managers have the proper dumpster moving equipment to make short work of trash day, it’s much easier to recycle and prevent toxic garbage from going to landfills.

Why Are Landfills a Problem?

Sometimes people should argue about where landfills should go, whether waste should cross state lines, and other matters for the bureaucracy. As far as human impact and environmental impact, there are really two reasons why landfills are so bad.

– Greenhouse gas emissions: decomposing materials release methane and carbon dioxide, hurting local air quality and the climate.

– Groundwater contamination: Heavy metals and chemical substances leach toxic compounds into the water supply and bodies of water.

To reduce the gas emissions, add composting bins near existing trash facilities and encourage participation.

To protect waterways from landfill contamination, everyone should avoid throwing away items like electronics, scrap metals, or chemical containers. Recycle them instead, or take them to a special drop-off site.

Dumpster Moving Equipment for Easier Management

Motorized dumpster moving equipment makes garbage duty less time-consuming and physically demanding.

Maintenance staff and building owners alike benefit from the DJ Products WasteCaddy. Easier trash hauling means fewer injuries, lower premiums for workers comp, and less time spent moving dumpsters.

With the right tools, it’s much easier to incorporate a recycling and composting system into your facilities so you can tout your green efforts. Contact DJ Products for a demonstration.

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