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5 Tips to Make Your Material Handling Operation Safer

, 5 Tips to Make Your Material Handling Operation Safer

Improve Material Handling Safety

From lifting heavy items to pushing large loads, material handling can put employees at a high risk of being injured. These workplace injuries can cost your business significant money in terms of decreased productivity and workers’ compensation. Making the following changes in your workplace can help reduce material handling risks, while also boosting employee morale.

Invest in Safer Equipment

Using forklifts and similar types of equipment to pull or lift loads comes with an increased chance of accidents and injuries. A motorized trailer dolly can handle these loads safely and with greater efficiency. This helps protect your employees from potentially serious injuries in the workplace.

Provide PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an important part of keeping your staff from injuries. Gloves, eye protection, and other kinds of PPE can greatly reduce the risk of injuries as employees handle material handling tasks. Make sure your employees know how to correctly wear and use PPE on the job.

Reduce Ergonomic-Related Risks

Having to do repetitive lifting or carrying heavy items can lead to physical fatigue and a higher risk of injuries in your material handling operation. Take time to identify these risks, so you can implement measures to reduce the risk of injuries.

Encourage Employees to Report Fatigue

Employees can develop high levels of fatigue on the job due to the physical strain of material handling tasks. Over time, this fatigue can raise their risk of ending up with musculoskeletal problems and serious injuries. Provide a way for employees to report fatigue and encourage them to do so. You can then ensure that fatigued employees have a chance to rest and recover.

Minimize Vibration and Noise

Vibration and noise in a material handling environment can increase the risk of fatigue and injuries. They can also serve as distractions for employees, which also raises the risk of accidents. Use equipment that helps keep vibration and noise to a minimum, such as softer wheels, in order to protect employees from workplace injuries.

If you need a trailer dolly to make your material handling operation safer, please contact DJ Products. Our team can provide you with the perfect solution for improving workplace safety.