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5 Industries that Would Benefit From a Motorized Trailer Dolly

, 5 Industries that Would Benefit From a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Industries that Need Motorized Trailer Dollies

Is reducing the number of workplace injuries on your list of resolutions for 2024? Moving heavy materials puts excess strain on muscles and joints, resulting in acute and chronic injuries. Lighten the load for your workers with use of a motorized trailer dolly in these labor-intensive industries.

How Does a Motorized Trailer Dolly Benefit These 5 Industries?

1. Agriculture

While heavy materials are usually associated with manufacturing, the agriculture industry also involves moving large equipment as well as animals.

  • Flatbed trailers are used to move large and sometimes awkward items, such as bales of hay.
  • A motorized dolly allows smooth maneuvering of livestock trailers that transport horses, cattle, and other animals.
  • Tractors and combines are fixtures at most agricultural facilities. Our Trailer Dolly lets a single employee move them with ease.

2. Food & Beverage

Shoppers usually don’t realize how much effort is involved in transporting groceries to keep supermarkets and food distribution centers filled. Motorized dollies can safely move trailers holding several pallets full of canned good, dairy products and beverages.

3. Manufacturing

Finished products of any size, from computer chips to cars, involve massive quantities of raw materials. It can also take massive quantities of time and effort to move those materials from one place to another in preparation for the manufacturing process. Using our motorized dolly to do the heavy lifting provides a significant boost to productivity levels.

4. Construction

Does any industry involve bulkier and heavier materials than construction? Items such as steel girders, wooden beams and cement slabs cry out for trailers. No matter what’s being transported, our motorized dolly will make quick work of it.

5. Distribution Centers, Fulfillment Centers and Warehouses

Businesses rarely have enough onsite space to store inventory and supplies for the long term. Facilities such as distribution centers, fulfillment centers and warehouses serve as a “middle man” between manufacturer and business. With constant movement of trucks in and out of the yard, a motorized trailer dolly is an absolute necessity.

Motorized Material Handling Solutions from DJ Products

Our Trailer Dolly is just one of the full line of battery-powered tugs, moves and pushers from DJ Products. Call 800.686.2651 to learn more.